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God, I swear pixiv could have the cutest things ever (ノ´▽`) ノ~♥… Seeing it and I immediately think of this gif, Taolu is so precious.

Even though other members may be good brothers to Tao too, but I have the feeling Luhan is the only one who never shake him off when he needs Luhan to lean on. Cause, Luhan is not my bias before, but he is after this moment and after I read a post on tumblr from a Hunhan fan.

She loves the couple but her view is very neutral :), not like others “Sehun is only happy with Luhan” “He must feel lonely without Luhan” etc… She stated how she think about Sehun and Luhan being close  and how nice Luhan is when he never told Sehun he loves coffee just because Sehun loves tae and hates coffee. Even Sehun thought he loves milk tea like him LOL. I really like fans who could ship their couple but still see things clear and reasonable like her. 

I used to ship Taoris, now I still like Taoris, but not as much as I love Taohan. Call me unfaithful but for me, shipping it’s not about how long I can ship but about how much happiness I can feel seeing that couple moments. 

Kris is, to be honest, I think more happy and touchy when he’s near Chanyeol, and with Lay too (even though I don’t even ship Krisyeol or Kray). While in Taoris moments, Tao usually is the one initiate first. That’s why when he stops doing that during July, there’s almost no Taoris. Of course, there’s moments both of them look cozy, happy too :) but, in an old fancam when EXO-M went to their car, fans didn’t give them space ;__; and Tao kept clinging on Kris shoulder (yes, favorite pict of Taoris fans ^^). But I notice at the end of the vid, Kris took Tao’s hand off from his shoulders to move ahead and left Tao behind. 

No, I don’t blame him. He always took care of Tao before, that time he may feel tired, annoyed by the fans, etc… and want to escape from that ASAP. But knowing that still make me hurt ;__;, as a Tao’s fan. 

And then I saw the fancam in which Tao felt so exhausted that he didn’t even hide this. He leaned on Luhan, and the older, with smaller frame, just stood there support him. The situation in both cases may be different that the fans r not as crazy as in Taoris fancam, I know that. It’s just… seeing this made me think that Luhan is the best one for Tao to ship (hence, I think he is the best for many other members too because he is so kind LOL). Maybe they don’t have many moments, or many just see them as 2 kids playing, etc… but at least, when Tao needs him, he would never shake him off ^^

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